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Welcome to our Carbon Clean website where you can not only learn about what this new technology is exactly but also how this process work and how it would benefit your vehicle.

Carbon Cleaning is quite a complex process in the job it has to complete on your engine but in reality the technology and science behind it is relatively simple. This process is explained in more detail by clicking on ‘The Process’ button on the menu.

Where we differ hugely from our competition not only locally but much further afield throughout Yorkshire and possibly even further afield is in the fact that we have three different machines in order that we are able to carry out a COMPLETE Carbon Cleaning process on your vehicle…

What do we mean COMPLETE ?

In your engine and sometimes even on the outside of your engine, carbon buildup is an unstoppable by-product of the constant driving of the engine and the moment your vehicle left the factory and ventured out onto the road, your engine entered into a diminishing life-cycle of suffocation under carbonisation.

If you have owned your vehicle since new and religiously put a cleaner into the fuel tank every month of your vehicle’s life then you are probably not going to need a carbon clean of any description as these sorts of fuel tank additives work well at preventing carbon buildup in the engine but are not very effective when carbon buildup is already present and if you are not the first owner of your vehicle then you will have very little or no idea about how the vehicle was previously looked after by it’s former keeper.

In this case then your engine very likely has a coating of carbon around the internals of the engine and once a coating is there then it is much easier for other carbon to stick to the carbon coating already built up, thus accelerating this chemical process which will eventually suffocate and kill your engine.

Thanks to this wonderful new technology, a preventative and after-cure is now available and we are the only company in the whole of Yorkshire (East, West, South or North) who not only has all three machines necessary to completely carbon clean a vehicle but also the necessary equipment for extended diagnosis and after care in the form of our ASNU Petrol Injection equipment, our Hartridge Diesel equipment, our Smoke Meter, our Dye Tracing technology, our top of the range 4 Channel Picoscope – Oscilloscope technology, our Thermal Imaging and keyhole Borescope systems, our mew 2019 Bosch Emissions equpiment and much more…

Our in-house equipment means you can bring your vehicle to us for whatever it needs and we don’t need to send the vehicle elsewhere for repair or sub-contract the work out to another company in order to complete it.

As well as our exhaustive equipment list, we further complete our portfolio by having a separate Bodyshop with 2 Crash re-alignment systems and 3 Spray Booths, we have the largest Hydrographics tank currently available, a complete and fully functional Tyreshop selling every brand of new Tyre and also a large range of pre-checked part-worn tyres.

We are one of very companies throughout Yorkshire to have a double MOT lane, one of which has the largest ramp available in order to let us test any class 7 vehicle and also most MotorHomes.

We are the only company in East Yorkshire to have a fully working Diagnostic Clean Room so that your vehicle can be examined in an environment similarly clean to a Doctor’s Surgery.

BREAKING NEWS *** We also now own the business formerly known since 1918 as Alex E Carr Engineering (and later renamed under Genesis Engines), we are proud to be able to continue the work and reputation built up over many years by Mr. Carr and we intend to continue the business to honour the excellent work he did. For anyone who doesn’t know much about this company, it is an engineering workshop able to carry out any work necessary on almost any engine. We have 59 different machines in-house with staff still present who worked for Mr.Carr since leaving school. One or two have more than 50 years experience with this business.

The depth of our machinery means that no job is too big for us really and due to the experience of our staff, you can be sure that the quality and workmanship upon completion will be second to none. Several out-of town companies already bring all their work to us including two racing teams. We repair not only motor vehicles but also motorcycles, trucks, marine, agricultural and almost anything else you can think of which has a moving part. Find out more about this business by clicking the OTHER SERVICES section on the menu and here you can check more in-depth about our other businesses.

In short the only thing we do not do is sell brand new cars but even this is something which we’re able to do as we are a qualified broker to do so and through our brokerage qualifications, Motor Insurance is something in the future we are interested in adding to our portfolio.

During 2019, we will open our long awaited motor factor which has a huge approximate area of around 30,000 sq.ft. It will have the largest range of motor parts and accessories in East Yorkshire at least, our retail area alone is around 9,000 sq. ft. ensuring that whatever your requirements for your vehicle that you will find it on our shelves … Our parts section will have quite possibly the largest independent stock of exhausts throughout the UK and will also stock forgotten rare items nowadays such as individual clutch components, ABS rings, Body Panels, Headlights and Mirrors as well as a Performance Parts section that has never been seen in this city.before. This business will be names PARTS MASTER.

Finally also released during the course of 2019 will be PARTS MASTER II – this is a business and separate building within 100 yards of PARTS MASTER which will sell second-hand parts which have been removed from vehicles before going to the breakers yard. Uniquely in the area, the website for PARTS MASTER II will display all vehicle we have dismantled and a complete list of what was removed from each vehicle, it will also have a marker against it to say it has already been sold.




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